In 2019, assessments are due February 1 and August 1, at a rate of $188.00 per assessment.

If you have questions or concerns regarding payment, please do not hesitate to contact Drew Pommet at Nexus Community Management at 321.315.0501, or

Reading your Statement
Your 5-digit Account Number is located in two places on the statement.  You must reference this account number when remitting payment – as it is the key that brings your payment to your account.  Depending on your community, late charges and the penalty for delayed payment may also be marked.  Online options for e-payment and e-statements are given.

Paying your Assessments
There are four payment options available, listed in order by speed (best method first).

Option #1 – ACH-Direct Debit
ACH grants permission for the Association to pull the semi-annual assessment from your account.  This service is free.  The form is available by request, or is on your community website, and requires a voided check.  This method is the fastest as the Management is pulling payment AND posting it to your account at the same time.

Option #2 – Electronic Check or Credit Card via the Association’s Bank
This service grants permission for you to make a payment directly with the Association’s bank.  E-check is free.  If you choose to use a credit/debit card, the bank will charge a processing fee – please review carefully.  Visit  The Mgmt Co ID is: NEXS   For Assoc ID is: 083   The Homeowner # is your 5 digit account number.   There is a slight delay for these payments as the bank receives payment, and the funds are booked to your ledger on the next business day.  For any questions regarding this portal, please do contact the bank with any questions at, or call them at 877 417 2265, option 2.  They can assist you with the portal features, resetting a password, setting up recurring payments, etc…  They do not know your current balance, and are only able to accept payments on your behalf.

Option #3 – Physical Check
Physical checks may be mailed to the check processing center for the Association’s operating account, which is located at:
Little Creek HOA
PO Box 669233
Miami, FL  33166
The delay here is US mail, the check processing center, and finally posting to your account.  Please ensure no other correspondence is included with your payment.

Option #4 – Electronic Banking (“bill pay”)
Through your personal bank, you may assign the Association as a payee – please ensure your 5-digit account number is in the memo section of the check.  The physical address used is the Miami P.O. Box above.  Consumer banks are notorious for printing and mailing checks 1-2 days after your command, then US mail, then the check processing center, and finally posting to your account; this is the slowest method to execute payment, so please ensure you issue this with enough time for us to receive it.  Please ensure no other correspondence is included with your payment.

What NOT to do:
Please do not use the physical address of the management company.  This will result in delays of your payment posting to your account.  Interest/fees are based on when the payment posts to your account, not when you issue payment, or even when your account is drawn.  So please allow ample time for payment to post to your account.  It is the responsibility of the Member to plan for the common delays of their chosen payment method.